Art Deco tortoiseshell silver inlaid vesta case




Art Deco tortoiseshell silver inlaid vesta case.

   This fine quality vesta, or match case was produced in around 1920. It was made for home use rather than for carrying and would most likely have been part of a gentleman's desk accessories. The box itself is covered in thick slabs of tortoiseshell, the top being inlaid with a silver design typical of the Art Deco period. The button at the front releases a hinged lid which exposes a lifting metal strike plate, beneath which the matches would have been stored.

   This charming Art Deco tortoiseshell vesta case stands 5.8cm high, is 5cm deep from front to back and 2.7cm wide. (Measurements approximate) It is in excellent condition, showing wear appropriate to its age. It has no damage and no restoration.