Early nineteenth century Canton ivory card case.



Early nineteenth century Canton card case. c. 1820.

This finely carved ivory card case was produced in Canton, China, in the early part of the nineteenth century. Canton at that period was a busy port, serving ships from across the world and many highly skilled craftsmen were based there, taking advantage of the available trade from the West. Snuff boxes, card cases, gaming and trinket boxes were among the many items that were produced in this style in wood, ivory and tortoiseshell. This beautiful card case is of an unusual design and diminutive size. The delineated design is rare, more commonly the entire surface of the case was covered with figures amongst trees and pavilions. The cases small size, suggests that it may have been made for use by a lady.

   This beautifully made ivory card case is 8.3 cm long, 4.5 cm wide and 1 cm deep. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent condition, showing only light wear appropriate to its age and substance. It has no damage and no restoration.