Early nineteenth century thimble shoe. c. 1825.




Early nineteenth century thimble shoe. c. 1825.

This very rare hand carved wooden shoe was made towards the beginning of the nineteenth century and was designed to hold a thimble. (Please note the associated silver thimble is not of this period, but fits the shoe nicely). Thimble shoes and containers became more and more popular as the nineteenth century progressed and became available in a wide variety of substances, wood, metal, pearl and glass to name but a few. This example is charmingly decorated with a cut steel bow and is carved to a very high standard.

This rare early nineteenth century thimble shoe measures 8cm long, is 2cm at its widest point and stands 3cm at its highest point. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent condition showing only wear appropriate to its age. It has no damage and no restoration.