Mid nineteenth century Kagamibuta netsuke



Fine mid nineteenth century Kagamibuta ivory netsuke with shakudo plate.

This is a particularly fine example of a kagamibuta, or "mirror lid" netsuke. Kagamibuta netsuke are a similar shape to manju netsuke, but with a metal disc or plate serving as  a lid to a shallow bowl, which, in this case is superbly carved in ivory. This netsuke was produced in Japan in the mid nineteenth century and combined the art of the ivory carver with that of the metal worker, or more likely swordsmith, since the fine shakudo (mixed metal) work exhibited here is of the highest standard and would normally be seen adorning the fittings of swords of the period. The shakudo plate shows three figures in fine detail and is heightened with silver and gold.

This superb kagamibutsa netsuke is 5.5cm in diameter and is 1.5cm deep. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent condition, showing light wear and a fine patination appropriate to its age and function. It has no damage and no restoration.